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What can the oil be used for?

Astrid’s oil is high in antioxidants that enhance performance, condition, appetite and the immune system.  It can be added to all food, it is non-heating and affordable.

  • Loss of weight
  • Pregnant mares
  • Improved fertility
  • High quality colostrum
  • Competing horses
  • Travelling

All the above are good reasons to start using Astrid’s Oil.

Astrid’s Oil is extracted from the very best high quality oats and the process has been honed over 20 years to ensure only the best components of the oats remain, making it low in starch and high in all good aspects that oats have to offer.

Astrid’s Oil has been has been used on a number of horses over a 20 year period to assist with the following issues:

  • Older horses – to increase maximum use of feed they have been given
  • Mares – for maximum fertility, during and after pregnancy and increased quality of colostrum after giving birth
  • Stallions – not being young anymore and used to improve fertility.
  • Youngsters – from foals to 24 months, only 10mls daily makes it possible for them to have a steady, balanced growth period.
  • Horses coming in for rehabilitation – in poor condition, Astrid’s Oil shows a steady improvement almost immediately.
  • Competition horses – the stress for competition horses is major with travelling, being stabled away and the actual performance required.
  • Horses with injuries – making use of the anti-inflammatory effects of Astrid’s Oil

The technical info

What do oats as grain do?                                                          

Oats increases appetite control hormones. (Nutrition Research October 2009 29 (10):70-9)

Oats improve immune system defenses.  (Minerva Medica June 2009 100 (3):237-45)

Oats may improve insulin sensitivity. (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition June 2007 61 (6):786-95)

Oats lower bad cholesterol. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition August 2002 76(2):351-8)

The way the oil is made maximizes the best properties.

Amino Acids:

More than 50 of them used in every little cell in the body, all organs need protein; otherwise serious damage can be done.

What are amino acids doing?

They give the structure of:

  • All muscles and tissue,
  • They transport essential nutrients
  • They help by removing waste deposits in connection with the metabolism

Did you know if a horse is free to be a horse and roam the fields without human intervention they will eat for 16-18 hours a day.

Horses are genetically programmed to eat 12/hours daily.

So what happens when horses are only fed twice a day and are on shavings and not allowed out?

The horses will get used to this routine and the genetic wish for eating will be depressed and bad behavior and other medical problems will come to the fore.

If you use straw as bedding, a low energy hay and “spray” Astrid’s Oil over the hay, you have eliminated many problems!

This has helped many rehabilitation horses not used to eating round the clock.  By using a spray bottle and spaying Astrid’s Oil over the hay and/or feed you can help your horse to slowly and surely came back to its “genetic programming” in a quiet, secure way.

Nutritional Info

Nutritional Information per 100 gram:

  • 827 kcal
  • Polarlipids 15
  • Neutralipids 70
  • Carbohydrates 3
  • Protein 2
  • Vitamin E
  • Tocopherol
  • Omega 3 (42%), 6 (37%) & 9(1.2%)

Polarlipids transport all nutrients around the body and assist with all the organs.

They improve the immune system, they have anti-inflammatory properties

Astrid’s Oil has a stringent quality assurance program and carries the following certification.

  • Quality assurance FSSC.22000:2011
  • FDA registration
  • GMP Certification B:1
  • Halai Certificate
  • Kosher Certificate

OATS are very good for your horses when given the correct way!

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