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Astrid's Oil Mineral Stone

Astrid’s Oil®

Mineral Stone & Salt Lick®


Astrid’s Oil® Mineral Stoneis formulated to provide the Trace Elements, Salt and Electrolytes beneficial to all horses. It contains Astrid’s Oil®that is specially processed, protected by trade secret, to include Omega 3, 6 & 9 and Polar Lipids


Mineralized Salt Lick

Analytical Constituents:

Ca 1.3%. Mg 0.3% P 0.25%. Na 36.4%


Sodium chloride, Oat Oil (Astrid’s Oil)

Nutritional Additives

Trace Elements (source in brackets)

Co (3b302 Cobalt (II) carbonate) 150mg

Cu (3b401 Copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate) 500 mg

Fe (XXXX)Ferrous fumerate) XXXmg

I (3b202 Calcium iodate anhydrous) 220mg

Mn (3b502 Manganese (II) oxide) 220mg

Se (E8 Sodium selenite) 13mg

Zn (3b603 Zinc oxide) 130mg



Manufactured in the UK, GB 033 EO562 UFAS 244







Complementary Feeding stuff for all Equines and

Cattle – Feed Free Access


Astrid’s Oil contains a unique

proportional blend of Omega 3, 6,

and 9, and Polar Lipids, achieved

through a proprietary process

protected under a Trade Secret. The

proportions achieved are not present

in other brands of oat oil sold today.


Astrid’s Oil and Astrid’s Oil Products developed by

Astrid Silva Olsson-Ellis, Co-Founder

Astrid’s Oil & Products, LLP (UK)

Astrid’s Oil Products, LLC (USA)



Contains copper. Do not feed to sheep.





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