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sleeping in hammock
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Sep 16, 2021
4:43 AM
In some cases, your frame may additionally clearly slide to the center of your hammock, that could from time to time be uncomfortable. sleeping in hammock To save you any sliding, attempt placing the foot facet of the hammock approximately 8 to 10 inches better. This helps maintain your heavier torso from sliding into the middle. Depending on the dimensions of your hammock (and how tall you're), you can sense a good ridge underneath your legs when mendacity diagonally. This can motive hyper-extension for your knees. Ouch! To relieve this strain, place a few padding under your knees. Extra clothes or a small pillow would paintings outstanding. (Remember: Longer, not wider, hammocks are typically greater secure, allowing you to lie diagonally with out leg hyperextension.)
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Sep 21, 2021
3:33 AM
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