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EssayHub Scam | EssayHub Fake | EssayHub legit
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Jan 04, 2022
4:13 AM

Is EssayHublegit- EssayHubReview?

I hired the academic essay writing company EssayHubfor taking help to write a couple of my assignments. Here is a review ofEssayHub, which is based on the services that I have received from the agency. I have given them rating, as well.

Quality of Assignment

The site claims to offer fully customised assignments right on time. According to them, there are sample papers written by their experts which are also the quality they hold. This is not real, at least in my case.

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In addition, EssayHubboasts that they can secure the best of grades if someone connects with them and hires them. Well, my assignments were so poor in quality that I failed the semester. I don’t think it needs more of an explanation to understand about the scamfacility they provide.


EssayHubsays that they are here to offer assignment help at affordable prices to the students. Although I agree with the fact that they didn’t charge much higher if I compare them with others. But the disgusting solution that they have provided to me, I feel even every penny that I paid is a loss. Not a good website, not recommending it to anyone.

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Assignment Delivery

Well, like any other online assignment support services, EssayHubnever says that they cannot deliver the assignments to the students on time. They are boasting about their timely services at every place. Alas! I don’t know if I am the unfortunate one, or they are usually like this. My assignments were mailed to me after a week’s time. They are not reliable, not safe. Never going back to them; another reason why I could not pass the semester.


Thus, to end this review, I need to mention that EssayHubisn’t at all a trustworthy place to seek assignment help. Starting from pricing to delivery of assignments, from quality of writers to poor quality papers- there is not a single aspect to trust on them. It is suggested to all my fellow students that don’t hire this agency. Nothing but a failed grade awaits here for you.

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