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Lasotronix Laser for Proctology in India
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May 12, 2022
5:52 AM
If you're considering a laser procedure to remove your pilonidal sinus, then you should consider finding a laser for proctology in India. Laser technology is a highly effective way to remove fissures and pilonidal sinuses. A laser uses light from a laser diode to focus on a small area for a precise incision. If you've been suffering from pain, bleeding, or other complications from conventional surgery, then you may be considering laser proctology as a viable option. Listed below are a few of the benefits of laser proctology.

Laser hemorrhoidectomy: A surgeon burns the affected hemorrhoid with a narrow laser beam so as not to damage surrounding tissues. This procedure is highly effective, has minimal bleeding, and is remarkably fast.

Fissure surgery, in which a portion of the sphincter muscle is removed using a laser, reduces the pain and promotes healing of the anal fissure, is also an effective option for treating fissures.
The surgeon can perform a laser surgery on a pile in two ways. The surgeon will first perform a laser haemorrhoidectomy, in which the surgeon uses a tiny laser beam to target the pile.

A narrow beam is guided through the anus and focuses on the pile's mass. The laser also helps reconstruct the fibrosis in the affected area. This allows the mucosa to stick to the underlying tissue, guarding against prolapse. Lastly, patients will experience minimal bleeding and are able to recover faster.

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