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Diamond Davinity

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2015 AES Registered Stallion

Diamond Davinity



Diamond Davinity is a stunning grey AES registered Stallion by AES Stallion Diamond Domini out of Hyperboreas.  With Nimmerdor bloodlines, his sire is a retired GP jumper from the UK but even at age 26 is still competing in Horse Trials with no maintenance.

Vinnie is a barn favorite with his amazing good looks and incredibly sweet and charming personality.  He is an exceptional mover, brave and athletic who has always displayed great calmness and independence in the show ring.  He is always a crowd pleaser and relishes in the attention!


2017 MeadowCreek Park - Spring Social FEH 2 Year Old Class - Scored 76.3%


2016 Loch Moy FEH qualifier - Placed 1st in Yearling - Scored 78.85%


USEA FEH Show Record


Meadowcreek Horse Park - Placed 4th - Scored 76.3%

Snowdonia Farms - Placed 1st - Scored 74.1%


Meadowcreek Horse Park - Placed 1st - Scored 74.8%

Snowdonia Farms - Placed 2nd - Scored 72.3%

Snowdonia Farms - Placed 1st - Scored 72.15%

FEH Qualifier Loch Moy - Placed 1st - Scored 78.85%

FEH Championship Loch Moy - Placed 8th - Scored 69.05%