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David Reichert

German Dressage & Jumping Trainer

Riding Career

A German dressage and jumping rider, trainer and prospective judge, David started riding and competing when he was 4 years old. He trained with Olympic Dressage rider Dorothee Schneider until he was accepted to join the elite training program of Hubert Rex, Europe's most successful dressage trainer for Juniors and Young Riders in the 90‘s and 2000’s.
At the age of 17 David started to train with German National Team rider Uta Gräf who also prepared him for several major Championship Finals. He was 5th and 7th at the European Championships Finals, three times South German Champion and winner of many international individual and team Grand Prixs as a Junior.
David's jumping trainer was Thilo Krapf, student of Hans-Günther Winkler and rider at the German Olympic Training Center in Warendorf. He coached David all the way from the early beginnings up to winning Grand Prixs and Nation Prices (1,50m). He won a silver medal at the National Championships Young Rider Individual and was part of the National Team until he moved to the US.
David has the German bronze, silver and gold medal in jumping and dressage.

Philosophie and coaching

'Since I was on the National Team and competing at the highest levels in dressage and jumping I know both disciplines and I know how to unite them. A lot of jumpers need much more dressage work and a lot of dressage riders need more of what actually jumpers would do, like pole work and conditioning exercises.  Riding is probably the most complicated and complex sport in the world so you and your horse have to find a way to make it easier. It’s my passion and approach to help you with that.
I started coaching when I was 18 years old. In this young age I was already able to take Kim Pfeiffer and Michelle Schulmerig to the highest Levels in Junior and Young Rider Dressage.  After a two year stay in the US including being the chief rider of the 30 day stallion testing for the RPSI in Connecticut I started coaching Celine Geissler.  I brought her up all the way from 2nd Level to the
German Championship Finals Young Rider Dressage in 2019.  I am very proud to have been the long-term dressage trainer of Emma Brüssau, individual and team European Champion in Junior and Young Rider Cross Country. Emma just started competing
on international 4* Level, with only 20 years of age. The foundation of her success is constantly starting the 3 day event with dressage tests between 78-83%.  I gained a lot of experience from coaching more than 150 students around the world.' - David Reichert

Clinic Procedure

Theoretical Lesson

'Within the last years of teaching I figured out that I have to explain a lot of theoretical content to create a base where students understand what I want them to do, especially in clinics since most students are not being coached by me on a regular base. That’s why each of my clinics starts with a theory unit: I will show a powerpoint presentation, talk about the in my opinion most important things about dressage or jumping training and answer questions. The theoretical lesson is included in the price.' - David Reichert

The theory unit contains:
○ Scale of Education
○ Arrangement of Priorities
○ 2 “Gamechangers”
○ What we can learn from other sports

Clinic Structure

This is a one or two day clinic with three different types of lessons:
● Individual training, 45 min (Dressage)………...One day $150; Two days $275
● Training for 2 students, 60 min (Dressage)…...One day $125; Two days $200
● Training for 3 students, 60 min (Clinics)……….One day $85; Two days $150
● Audit $25 for adults and $15 for kids & teens

Pixeo Video Taping

InDavid's opinion it’s very important to work with video analysis as often as possible.
Therefore each lesson will be recorded by the Pixeo Video Robot. This brand new technology from France allows David to record each lessen fully automatic by attaching the students cell phone to a robot. The robot follows the Pixeo watch the rider is wearing, automatically zooms in and out and films the lesson just like a person that would actually film it, probably even a little bit better ;-) Every student needs to download the Pixeo App and make sure that the cell phone battery is fully charged.








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Silva Bedding

"My training package is a whole unit - rider and horse - and we work on all aspects including care, conditioning, nutrition, health, attitude, bonding, fitness, performance, respect and love of the sport" - Silva Bedding

Silva Bedding is the co-owner and chief executive officer at Constancia Stud Farm, home of the Olympic and World Cup Stallion Relevant and managing partner of Prima Nutria Equine, a recognized breeder of European Warmbloods, as well as a British Dressage Trainer and British Dressage List 4 Judge.

Silva has trained with some of the best known European Instructors, including Conrad Schmacher, Germany; Hilding Westergren and Eva Lekander, Stromsholm, Sweden; and Jasper Nissen, Spanish Riding School in Austria.  With their guidance and instruction and her hard work and passion to learn, Silva developed her own brand of teaching, that today enables her to train both horse and rider to levels of excellence that routinely exceeds her students' expectations.


 Clinic dates TBA


Clinic Fees

$140.00 - 45 min Private

$25.00 - Auditors fee.

For more information and our registration form CLICK HERE




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Fleur Bryan

"She'll charm you with her Irish brogue and wit while bringing her sharp eye and expertise."

Kentucky based Irish Rider and Trainer, Fleur Bryan grew up training with some of the top international Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing trainers in Ireland including Iris Kellet and Gisela Holstein.

She is renowned for her ability to match horse and rider, building trust and communication, to create a pleasurable and successful relationship.  Fleur's knack for identifying special abilities and to identify and assist with difficulties of horse and rider to structure a session to suit their needs has made her a popular coach of Amateur and young riders.

Fleur Specializes in working with children, nervous riders and problem horses by helping build confidence through excellence. She also gives the more mature rider the encouragement and confidence to step back inside the ring.


Clinic dates TBA


Clinic fees (prices may be subject to change)

$120.00 - 45 min Private Lesson

$ 95.00 per person - 1 hour Semi Private Lesson (2 people)

$ 75.00 per person - 1 1/2 hour Group Lesson (3-5 people max)

$25.00 - Auditor fee.


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